Bad luck

I sat down today to write an entry and my initial thought was to change this blog’s name from “Waiting for Prince Charming” to “The Idiot Men that I Meet and the Horrible Luck I Have in Love”…. Then I slowly backspaced thinking, “well, that sounds a bit negative and jaded”, not my normal personality or view on things.  I expressed to a few friends that I’m struggling with a positive spin lately; to which the general consensus response was a resounding “you’re allowed”.

Life isn’t always roses, and we all know by reading this blog that my love life is definitely not roses…I think at this point I couldn’t even call it dandelions.

I am running out of things to learn in dating and romance, or at least I’m at a plateau at the moment due to lack of activity (more learning will come at the next step I’m sure, if and when I get there)… Other than learning where to meet “Mr. Right”, I’m pretty sure that I’m just coasting at the moment.  I’m not overly trying to put myself out there, nor am I really looking.  I’m still focusing every day on the universe to “put out that good energy” and let the world know that I’m ready for good things and come what may.  But am I signing up to dating sites? (this seems to have highest success rate I’m reading).. Nope…

I really do think though that it can just be summed up to crappy luck.. I am a good person, I’m a good communicator, I’m straightforward, honest, kind, loving… I learn from every experience I have and I do take knowledge and apply it.

When others look at a single person they automatically think “why are they single?” or “what’s wrong with them?” But sadly, some of us just have rotten luck.  We have not been at that right place at that right time yet.  Love can be affected by many things, life, learning, karma; but timing is the bitch.  Pardon my language.. Well no, actually don’t pardon my language.  I type in this blog how I generally speak; and yep, bad luck and timing being a bitch; pretty sure those are my problems.  As you’ll read in my past blogs, I’m usually pretty good with my words without resulting to a profanity, but it’s that kind of day.

So, followers; my apologies for the negative seeming post, but this is life, this is me.  RAW.. Emotion filled.  All in all, life is good, I love myself; but my luck in romantic love is for the birds.. I’m allowed to not always be positive, I’m allowed to vent, heck, I can even sulk if I want to.  But today’s post does not come with anything learned, or something that I’ve found within myself, or even a provoked thought.  But I’m really not being negative, I’m being honest.

I continue on with my life and passions, and the thought of having someone to share it with some day just seems to get farther and farther away.  I’m getting used to that idea, and I almost feel healthily resolved to being alone.. And I’ve heard everything; “oh it’ll happen”, “when you stop looking that’s when you’ll find it”, and my personal favourite which I don’t know why it irks me so to hear “you’re young and still have lots of time”.  Now, people who relay these wonderful sentiments of comfort to me, really do have the best of intentions, and I appreciate what they’re trying to impart – that all will be ok. And you know what? I know I’ll be ok, regardless, whether partnered or single, life will not end, it will go on, and good things will still happen.  But I’m not concerned about my age, or continuing to have patience with the universe;  I’m concerned about what I wanted in my life and what I feel I was meant to do.  I have love to give, I have passion, I have romance; all to share.. but with whom?

Tomorrow I will learn, tomorrow I will look at the possibility of not being alone, tomorrow I will reframe.   But today, luck is horrid and timing is a bitch.

Not to worry though, I shan’t be changing this blog’s name.. “Idiot Men that I Meet and the Horrible Luck I Have in Love” does not roll off the tongue as nicely as “Waiting for Prince Charming”.

Still learning….