My response to “Women are Crazy (The way to lose your female readers)”

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“Women are Crazy (The way to lose your female readers)” a blog by Opinionated Man.

I’ve been following Opinionated Man (OM) for a while now, and I have to say when I first came across this guy on wordpress, I was intrigued by his “About” tagline : “My goal with this blog is to offend everyone in the world at least once with my words”… I followed with open mind and have thus far been challenged to think and made to laugh, but never offended. I appreciate his writing which is raw in the uttmost sense of the word, perhaps not filtering to be “PC” or edited to be “accepted” to the standard of society. That’s why I like and respect this blogger.

So when I read the above article title, I thought ah-ha an outward admittance to offending my gender!, this should be good. I ended up giggling and smirking, while being entertained at this take. In humour and good jest, I chose to write a response. While OM doesn’t know me personally, I hope he takes this in the good nature in which it was intended. As I’ve only written response in humour once before, but I was fortunate that the person knew me personally.

Where OM states women “pick arguments” on purpose, I wouldn’t call what we do intentional. When we become linked to a male, we don’t automatically take on their views or opinions. The days of women being seen and not heard are over my friend, and this pretty little head has a view of her own and will certainly share as much. We’re not testing, we’re not looking to “fix” something that’s broke necessarily; we are looking to communicate. Now maybe the timing of the argument… Well… Admittedly, that could be the test portion. We are way more important than Sportscenter, just sayin’! *grins sheepishly* Admittance is the first step, right? Do we pick arguments? Perhaps not… Do we test? Most likely…

As for asking questions we already know the answer to… Can’t a girl make sure she’s on the same page as her partner? Again, communication, this is a form of it! You repeat back information you already know, in the form of a question, to make sure both parties are of an understanding. As a woman, I understand things/see things differently; I’ve learned in my life never to assume someone else (especially of opposite gender) thinks the same way that I do… Now, unless you’re talking about questions that catch our counterparts in a lie or fib; this is giving men a chance to come clean about a possible deception… Admittedly again, test… But a worthy test. Or if it’s just something we’re asking you to maybe repeat (ie. Lie, smart ass remark, etc) , admittedly yes, another test, but we’re likely seeing if you have the balls to repeat it.

OM moves on further to say that the only input women are looking for in a dialogue is “you’re absolutely right honey”; this tells me that OM is most likely married and has been here before. This doesn’t mean we do not care about your opinion or input on a topic (although admittedly it would make life easier if it were the same as ours… happy wife=happy life, right?).. I find with men possessing the stubbornness that they do, they are also difficult to sway from a decision they have already made. They are also likely to tune us out to Sportscenter if we are on a topic they have no remote interest in… But then again, it’s probably when we timed it, wasn’t it? For shame on us! LOL I’m taking your occassional grunts (that you made while tuning me out, or the head nod) as acceptance for the living room redecorating I was just talking about! Note: Women, I’ve just had an epiphany, timing is everything! Thank you OM for pointing out unwillingness to argue/debate during Sportscenter. Men, beware of this trick, your laziness or lack of interest is enabling! 😉

In his final point, I would say this is a no brainer. Of course you shouldn’t side with someone that is making life difficult for your partner. Should a woman come to you with her social or work related drama, she’s looking for you to listen and support her. She is not looking for you to fix it, or offer sympathy to a party that is wronging her. I don’t think this makes her crazy, wanting support from her man. We support you. I’m sure at some point we’ve feigned optimism as you’ve driven somewhere “taking a detour”, instead of pleading with you to stop to ask for directions… Or that we’ve brought you a beer and smiled while you spend hours assembling that entertainment unit, without the instructions, that we’ve placed plainly in your view. Maybe this is where we are crazy? But no, we are calling this supportive 😉

In closing, where men love the aforementioned old adage “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.. Is this saying that if you continue to do nothing that your communication/relationship with your woman will grow/continue to get better? I know you admitted men can be lazy, but is this the way to go? Because I’d like to retort with Einstein’s definition of insanity : “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Who’s crazy now?

Thanks OM for the good read. As said, I hope this is taken in the nature in which it was intended. I like to poke fun at times. Cheers, waitingforprincecharming

~Still learning….


To whom it may concern…

Dearest Prince Charming,


I’ve chosen to address you in such a vague name, as your identity still eludes me as many have come in guise before you that have lead me to believe that you had been found.  But alas, you have either been detained by distraction or injury or perhaps worse….  I know that they say there is someone out there for everyone, but well, I’m almost sure that my someone has been hit by a bus.


Though if you are still out there, I have a few criteria to request of you… I’m not going to go through and outline all of the standard qualifications, I’m hoping that the gist of men out there understand the standards of honesty, respect, kindness, consideration, etc…..But there are some simple little asset qualifications that I miss of you in your absence:


Be there when I want to share something; that is something I want in life is someone to share things with.  If it’s a bad day, let me vent, you don’t have to fix whatever problem I may be having or even offer a solution, but just be there.  When I have good news I want to share it with you too, good things are part of life as well!  If I’m happy, excited or passionate about something, I’ve lately been rushing home to tell my cat, and while my Siamese purrs with delight and rubs his nose against me in humble agreement it’s not quite the returned response that I so desire.


Share your life with me.  Talk to me about it, whether mundane or exciting.  These relationship things are two way streets and I feel important if you wish to include me in things, even if it’s just information sharing.  As said above, bad news or good news, let’s share!  As a man, I know this isn’t in your realm of doing so uber openly, but I’m patient and you’ll learn; or I’ll learn how you do this in your own way.


Hold my hand.  I am an affectionate creature and sometimes I seem starved of this the most in my life.  If this request seems lame to you, then you are obviously not whom this letter is meant for.  But it’s such a simple response when you care about someone even a little bit.  Most times it’s done absently while watching a movie, walking down a street, or driving a car.  But that one little physical connection, where you need to be touching me just because we’re occupying the same space, makes a woman feel wanted, ya know?


Let me know that I’m being thought of.  I am not saying stay in constant communication with me when we’re not in the same location, and I don’t demand even anything daily, I know I’m not going to occupy your mind all of the time, there are other things in life.  I’ve spent a lot of my adult life alone in my romantic life, my expectations in this department aren’t over the top or unrealistic.  But you would be surprised what a random text of “hello gorgeous” or “I hope you’re having a good day” does; I’d know I was on your mind and you took the time (even just 30 seconds) to let me know.  Or even a quick phone chat, just to hear my voice.


Dance with me.  If you’re with me, I am going to ask you to do alot of seemingly stupid and funny little things throughout the years, and there are times that you’re going to humour me.  I really love music, it’s part of my life daily (I’m always humming or singing something, much to the annoyance of people around me at the office), and music can evoke some of the most intense emotion and associate alot of memories with it.  Now, I’m not going to ask you to do this often (unless you really like to), but every now and then just hold me close, stroke my back, and sway with me to some music; we can be in a pub, a bar, or even in my living room.  It doesn’t matter where we are, humour me please (my cat already thanks you for your consideration in this matter specifically, lol).


If these simple requests are within your realm of experience and qualification please feel free to implement them into practice if you so choose to make application for this position.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Applicants may be required to submit to a brief interview or testing by close family and/or friends.  It has been brought to my attention that my own prior applicant screening for final acceptance has not had a high success rate, so consultants may be involved.


Warmest Regards,