I have a little parrot…

It’s becoming a weekly thing to spend time with Prince Charming and his daughter, and after each visit with them, seeing them together, how cute she is, and how wonderful of a father he is; I fall deeper in love…. with them both.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve never been with anyone that has small children before. But where she’s known me before (as I’ve been friends with Daddy and Mommy during her lifespan – I met her when she was 3 months old), she has now taken keen interest in me since her father and I have become a couple. She’s become my little parrot in repeating some of my mannerisms and responses to questions; and I’ve affectionately called her so, to which she responds “yes, I am your little parrot!” How cute is that?

If I’m over at the house, I’m usually bopping around to the Blues station if I’m tidying or doing dishes. To which she will come in and want to dance with me, proclaiming she likes my music, after making sure to ask, “do I like this song?”… I think most visits now, I am obligated to “turn on Blues and dance!”

From how I lick my ice cream cone, to what kind of music I listen to, to how I pet the dog; his lovely little child seems to mimic me. Watching and duplicating what I’m doing, smiling all the time as I watch her. I take this as a good sign, that she’s accepted me (or at least I’m hoping that’s what these things mean).

I assume that she accepts me with her Daddy, easily enough. I think she likes seeing her Daddy happy, or at least maybe finds ways to tell us so. Even from early days when I spent time with them, I wanted to ease her into seeing us in a different light; afterall, I’m not Mommy, and that’s who she is used to seeing with Daddy. So I didn’t broadcast affection with her father right away.. One day while watching a movie, while little one was playing on the floor, Prince Charming made move to sit closer to me on the couch and place his hand on my leg.. To which I quietly told him to move over a bit, as to not have her see that yet. Well, his wonderful little Princess is very quick and very smart to realize this was going on, but she seemed okay with her Daddy being affectionate and happy… She came over to the couch, pointed to space between us, and simply stated, “sit here”. To which I made offer to help her up to sit between us on the couch for the movie, and she replied “no, Daddy sit here.. I want Daddy to sit here”.. To which he moved back over, she smiled, and went back to her toys on the floor…Well then… I suppose we could take that as a sign of approval!

It’s become common practice for her to use my name in tandem with Daddy; “I go do (insert some activity) with Daddy and (insert my name)”; or she’ll make sure to ask me or her Daddy if I’m coming too. She often wants to include me in things that she’s doing. My heart swells every time she asks me or takes my hand to go do something with her.

I never want to push my presence on her, and I give her the power to allow my involvement with her. I’m finding it’s something I’m always cognitive of, not wanting to overstep any boundaries in regards to her. I want her to view and be comfortable with the loving relationship that I have with her father, and for her to know I’m not trying to be her parent, but I am another person that loves her…. and would do anything in the world for her and her Daddy…

So, in this wonderful adventure of meeting my Prince Charming, he came with a wonderful wee Princess… and now, I have a little parrot.

~Still learning…


11 comments on “I have a little parrot…

  1. Ellen Nguyen says:

    Aw this is so sweet! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love this: “I want her to view and be comfortable with the loving relationship that I have with her father, and for her to know I’m not trying to be her parent, but I am another person that loves her…. and would do anything in the world for her and her Daddy…” x

  2. This is incredibly sweet. She sounds adorable. And it sounds like you’ve done a really nice job of carefully and sensitively navigate these waters for her. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading and your kind words…that’s encouraging…I really hope I’m doing right for her, I worry often, as it’s a new situation for me and delicate for all involved… And, thank you for the reassuring words 🙂

      • There doesn’t seem to be a formula, does there? It makes me happy to see you care and try so hard. I hope that when my ex finds a new partner that is worthy of introducing to my kids she will be as kind with mine as you are with her.

      • No, no formula, no instruction manual…I just try, though I’m not sure that her mother will ever realize that..but that’s due to our unique situation…but maybe someday….thank you very much for likening me to a good example though, that means alot…I just try to be a positive in a beautiful wee girl’s life, and love her like she’s my own, as well as try to show her a nurturing and loving partnership (with her Dad)…. Sometimes marriages don’t work, and it’s never the child’s fault; I never want her to feel as if something was lost for her in her parents being apart…but I’m hoping the gain of someone else that loves her..here’s hoping…And I am still learning every day…

  3. Kara, Simply says:

    It sounds like she recognizes your conscious effort of being a good friend and parental figure, and admires you for it. I’m sure there will be tough times as she gets older, but by the sounds of it, you have her respect already and that little seed will only grow in her over time – you respect her, so she does the same for you ☺

  4. Her: The Other Woman says:

    So beautiful. Children are very insightful. What a beautiful way for her to show her love and acceptance for you…to parrot you. And she is only mirroring what seems to be your love and acceptance for her–beautiful attuning waitingforprincecharming.

  5. […] Easter weekend was the weekend that Prince Charming and I were to attend our first family dinner with his family.. I was incredibly nervous.. Pick a stigma about being the first girlfriend after an ex-wife and I’ve experienced it, the Prince and I have had to work through alot. So needless to say, I was worried about being judged or compared against the ex-wife, or just plain being unaccepted or not given the chance during this family gathering. But I was prepared! I was to come bearing sweets, wine, and to just be my charming self… I’ve already made my mark on previous difficult in-laws and challenging mothers of Momma’s boys (not that Prince Charming is a Momma’s boy, but overbearing mothers are a partner’s biggest challenge was more my point), having them fall in love with me and developed some wonderful relationships with parents of ex-partners.. So figuring this was my best friend, I’m already known to some of his family, it’s evident that I love him and treat him well and given his ex-wife is being a tad bit difficult in the whole divorce process; I thought I was being silly perhaps, and shouldn’t worry as much… They would totally see how wonderful I was! Just to being in our presence, you can see how well I get along with and love my Prince and Little Parrot. […]

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