Power Couple: 10 Traits Men Need To Handle Strong Women

Wonderfully written article! I enjoyed this thoroughly!!! 🙂
I think I shall be handing this to Prince Charming when he arrives…
The strongest points in this article (to me, anyways) are: “He will not pacify her” and on…. As a strong woman, the worst thing you can do is pacify me “just to get by”, I want to know his opinion, I’m ok with him not thinking the same way as me, just please be honest and say it… Communication is key, as always I cannot stress that enough…. And YES, take the reigns! I’m ok not being the one in charge all of the time, a relationship is a partnership, we take turns!….

James Michael Sama

One of the biggest complaints I get these days from women is about men who tend to slowly back away after they realize how strong and independent the woman they are dating is.

Now, I am well aware that many women out there confuse being strong with abrasive, and independent with apathetic. Meaning, they take the “I don’t need a man” mindset and make it seem like they have no interest whatsoever in the man they are dating, pushing him away and then wondering what happened.


What usually follows is a myriad of social media posts about how men “can’t handle her attitude” or something of the sort – when in reality, he just had no interest in feeling like an afterthought in her life.

That all being said, though, there are still genuine, caring, loving women out there who are still strong and live their own life. They have…

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