Friendship turned romance… could it work?

You ever have that one friend? You know the one; they’re the opposite gender, if you’ve been burned by their gender they are the only one you still like, they pick you up when you’re down, they tell you that men (or women) that can’t see the wonderful person that is you are idiots, they commiserate with you, they ask you advice on your own gender… You talk through relationship problems ‘til the wee hours of the morning, he’s your shoulder to cry on and purveyor of your favourite foods when you’re having a day from hell…You are like allies from two opposing camps.. You’d never hurt eachother because you can just “be” with eachother, no expectations, no let down, and neither of you is looking to get something from the other.. It’s probably your safest and healthiest relationship; because he’s your best guy friend (**or female friend; depending on reader gender) and romantically you just aren’t available to eachother.

But what if that ever changed? Imagine it, someone who knows the real you; because let’s admit it, when we meet a new romantic interest we definitely try to put our best side forward; but this friend, they’ve seen you unfiltered, the good, the bad, and they still want to be with you! What if your best friend became your love interest?

You both know what you’re getting, you already have fun together, and you know eachother’s quirks and eccentricities. You’re honest, you never developed that filter because it was alright to be open with your best friend. Maybe this could be a good thing? Or at the very least, an interesting thing!

When I’ve started dating people they were always people that I had met that had romantic interest in me right away or wanted to date.. To go from friends to lovers is an interesting and new concept to me… But maybe that’s what I’ve always needed and why nothing worked before?

Still learning….


5 comments on “Friendship turned romance… could it work?

  1. Aquileana says:

    I belive it might work … But it would be probably odd at the beginning…
    The progression seems quite logical when feelings become stronger I guess..
    I much enjoyed this post!, All the best to you and thanks for sharing. Aquileana 😀

  2. theblogwoman says:

    It’s ideal but if it were perfect, wouldn’t it happen?
    I suppose I have known this relationship and there has been an imbalance – one person feeling stronger for the other. Then the thought that if the two attempt this perfect union and it doesn’t work out, you will ruin a perfect friendship.


  3. It worked for me! A friend of seven years is now my intimate partner. And I think the key to the transition was SLOW! Going slowly… talking about the possibility of relationship for some months…both of us getting clear about what we were doing…both of us being really conscious about what it was we were looking for. Surprisingly, our sexual attraction was almost the last piece that dropped in. And it did… strongly. But is has been very reassuring to know that our friendship was where it began.

    I do wonder if our culture has lead us astray in teaching us that we are supposed to feel the sexual/love attraction first and if it’s not there then the relationship won’t work.

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