A fiction piece: United in battle

She knew there was a pending battle and she had come prepared; she had arrived armoured ready for the pending clash… No she wasn’t fighting against him, she was fighting with him; a united front.  They moved forward together facing torment, uncertainty and obvious pain.  She pulled him to her to harbour him from being wounded; but also pushed him away to save herself.  The battle ensued; they protected yet endangered eachother at once.  Confusion struck a heavy blow, with love and pain combine.  There was no winner here…The battle was pointless, it had to end….


His eyes welled with tears as he helped remove her armour; she winced at her vulnerability.. Her body was badly marred with wounds, some that could not be seen.  In morning’s sunlight, his fingertips traced her body, studying her form intently..He covered every wound of her body and soul with hot breath and sweet, healing kiss..He grasped her and pulled her to him, enveloping her in strength and safety; she sighed and relaxed in his embrace.. The battle still waged, as they clung to eachother, defenceless…

She looked up and saw him just staring at her..deep into her eyes. She pulled him tighter and he winced from a wound she had not noticed and he had tried to conceal. She goes to speak but can’t find the words…instead she stares back…not a word is said aloud but yet an entire conversation is held in silence as they gaze into each other’s eyes.


Suddenly they are interrupted by the flames in the distance…another battle approaches.  She sighs and defeatedly smiles as she then pulls away to reach for her armour lying heavy on the ground.  He gently grasps her hand and stops her, placing his hand on the side of her cheek, softly running his fingers through her hair…he smiles at her and she knows at that instant what he is thinking.  She smiles back before reaching up to his shoulders and gently undoing the clasps on his armour. She then runs her hands down his torso, undoing the clasps at his sides.  He shrugs the heavy armour off as his hits the ground with a heavy sound. The sound seems deafening against the silence shared between them. They look off towards the approaching battle before returning their gaze to each other. She goes to speak, but he grabs her, pulling her in to a passionate kiss that seems to last an eternity.  The two then separate…look into each others eyes, clench their hands tight around their bloodied swords and then turn, in unison, standing side by side, ready to face the next battle…no more armour…not defenceless…but determined…


As they gazed at the approaching battle in the distance; she glanced over at him…His beautiful dark eyes were intent on the horizon, and his angled jaw that had always been soft to her touch or lips, was now set and steeled..  Her heart swelled; she knew he’d fight so hard, but she also knew he would be wounded less without her.

They moved a step forward; and she felt a harsh burn, she inhaled sharply trying hard to conceal the pain that crippled her, and she faltered, taking to her knee.  He moved to swooped down to lift her, and she pushed his hand away.  He looked at her confused, with hurt evident in his soft, soulful eyes; shaking his head.  She glanced back at him, half smiling to hold back her tears and nodded.  She was telling him to go on without her.

She stood on unsteady legs and removed the sash from her undergarment; she swiftly tore the linen cloth into strips and dressed the wound he had tried to conceal from her.  But she knew it was there; she knew this man, she sensed he was injured without words; she knew his mind, his heart, and his body.  As she tied the final bandage, she slowly knelt and struggled with his heavy armour that was previously strewn.  She helped with shaking hands redress her soul’s counterpart, fastening the clasps around his torso.  She stood back from him to admire him; so strong, so determined but there was a sadness now resting behind his eyes.  She gave him a smile and looked toward the approaching battle and looked back to him, her eyes pleading him to go.  Stepping toward him, onto her toes, her face tilted up towards his and their mouths met; she kissed him hard, she kissed him as if she never would again, she kissed him to pour all of her energy into him; she was kissing him goodbye.

She stepped back, and looked toward the horizon, not wanting to look back at him again..Not wanting to plead without words that she needed him…Hesitantly he moved away from her, but then with strengthening resolve continued to walk away from her toward the battle.  She watched him go.  She had sent him forward; she had sent him forward with her hope, with her strength, and with her love; in essence he would never be without her.

She fell to the ground… Her sash she had used to bandage him was all that was keeping pressure against her mortal wound; crimson soaked through the linen at her torso, life’s blood warming to touch enveloping her quickly cooling body.  She laid down and stared up at the sky; listening to her own heartbeat slow and breath become ragged.  In distance, all of a sudden there was silence; the battle was over.

He was safe; she could let the darkness take her.