Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day eve, and I’m sitting here writing with a glass of red wine in hand.. And you know what?  That’s alright by me.  A lot of people say that Valentine’s Day is depressing for singles, I tend to disagree, as the day is really what you make of it.

This day is a day to celebrate love, period.  Am I dwelling because I haven’t found that special Prince Charming to share this romantic day with?  Am I boycotting the day?  Am I complaining that it’s a useless and overrated day? These are typical behaviours exhibited by some sinlge folk on this day… But no!  I choose to celebrate in my own little way.  Telling the people I care about that they’re important to me, having a quiet moment to myself to reflect on the kind of love that I want in my life, and a nice bit of red wine 😉

Whether we are currently in love, have had love, or are yet to have love; it’s a wonderful thing and should be celebrated, it’s one of the happiness’s in life that a lot of us take for granted.  Another important thing that I’ve realized and portray in this blog of mine, is that it is important to love yourself too.  Because only when you can recognize love in yourself is when you are able to have and accept it with others.

I don’t have romantic love in my life at the moment, as Prince Charming is probably stuck in a tree somewhere (see previous post)… But, I have love.  I have love for myself, for my family, and for my friends; and in return I am loved by these people too.

And please, I plead to you all..  Valentine’s Day should be just a reminder, practice love and appreciate it’s wonder all year round. Life is too short!

So to you that are attached, cherish your partner and value them for who they are… If you have children, bring them up in a love filled home where affection/emotion is practiced and not shunned… If you are single, love yourself and know that you are special and deserving of love.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

BUT… Love all year, ok?  🙂


2 comments on “Valentine’s Day

  1. thrallex says:

    A beautiful post on a day that can be very down for some people, thanks charming.

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