Found love by way of lost love

Everyone in ours lives happen for a reason… I truly enjoyed reading this post and a lot of it really touched base with me.. I wanted to share it with others I thought may appreciate it’s message. Well written and honest.

less talking, more writing.

Not every person that you are drawn to is meant to stay in your life. Some people are brought into your life to open up your mind and heart to other parts of life and to…other people. Some will even cause you to edit your heart a little more.

The buddhist belief is that we should never fully attach ourselves to anything, a moment, a thought or even a person. The thinking is that every moment is fleeting, moving past us, moving through us. If we attach ourselves to a moment or the person too wholly we set ourselves up for disappointment and “loss”. If we let the sad moments of our lives swallow us whole, we miss out on the next happy moment. The idea is to stand back a bit and just let life sort of move through you without the extreme highs and lows, to appreciate both…

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2 comments on “Found love by way of lost love

  1. Glenn says:

    I like what you have written here about Buddhist thought. If I may add to it: We are creators of our reality. If we are in a state of wanting, we are creating ‘wanting’ as opposed to ‘having’. Instead visualize what you want as if it is already here, not something ‘out there in the future’ i.e. you have it now. Your visualization should be present tense experiencing emotionally the ‘thing’ that you want as if it is happening now and…you have to suspend belief and accept that it is so. But back to the Buddhist thought and my addition. Neal Donald Walsh wrote “Enjoy everything, need nothing”. And the expansion to this is:
    Expect nothing, accept everything; Enjoy everything, need nothing.
    If you can do this (and I don’t know anyone fully capable of this), you are master of life.

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