A poem: Medieval Battle


An older poem that I wrote when my marriage ended…

The dragon has returned/ I pull my sword to fight/ The blade will not unsheath/ I try with all my might/ Defenseless I try to run/ Yet my feet only stand still/ The dragon smirks in triumph/ He knows I’m at his will/ My heart renders me useless/ Unable to return attack/ I think in mind he knows this/ But he fails to hold back/ Defeated I remove my breastplate and cast it to the ground/ The dragon turns away not wanting to finish the round/ I scream out in frustration “kill me, tis what you want!!”/ The dragon but still walking turns slightly to show taunt/ I crumple to the ground/ My sword can now unsheath/ I think now “until next time”/ But know I am niave/ Because I know that dragon/ Without his fire and bite/ Is someone who was special/ He used to be my knight..


5 comments on “A poem: Medieval Battle

  1. Good meter, killer ending.

    *wonders if now is a good time to mention cousin*

  2. thrallex says:

    Very nice poem. My take is, we all have a “fire” and a “bite”. A large problem occurs when you use your passions or destructive potential against those who you are supposed to love.

    • Our passions and any potentials are generally used towards those we are most comfortable with, it’s a double edged sword really.. And I get that.
      We just have to be mindful I think, which will come naturally when we wish to put someone we love’s needs above our own.
      A thought on my part…
      Thank you as always for reading and commenting thrallex 🙂

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