Survived Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, and I survived it.. With the year that I’ve had in review, and it’s been a challenging one to date with my family life and love life, I seriously expected to be kind of down and depressed, but it truly went well.

I awoke on Christmas, nose to nose with my Aunt and Uncle’s appropriately named cat, Mothra.  This cat is 20lbs of furry love that you definitely feel when he steps on you.  Not quite my ideal man to wake up to on a snowy Christmas morn, huddled in blankets, but I’ll take it.  Pets are great, unconditional love and companionship; well perhaps not unconditional you do feed them so I suppose that’s a condition. Have I mentioned the appeal of becoming a cat lady lately?  Anyhow, I woke up and picked up the good ol’ IPhone to read the goings on in the world before emerging from my warm cocoon of blankets (much to the chagrin of the impatient feline that chattered at me, to get out of bed). My bleary eyes picked out a new text, “Merry Christmas hon, I love you”.  I reached over to the night table to pick up my glasses, I’m sure that text was from a man, as my slightly blind eyes picked out a male name.  Christmas had arrived, Santa did bring me a Prince Charming who already is proclaiming love and well wishes!  Putting on my glasses, I found it was from a good “life of the party” friend (we all have one of those, dear souls and drinking buddies); the text was sent in the wee hours of the morning.  Happy Christmas I’ve been drunk text, albeit sweet.  I’d prefer a sturdy and sober Prince Charming that would have no danger of toppling off of his steed, and he should possess the ability to walk a straight line.  I’m picky, aren’t I?

Pajama clad and half asleep but chuckling, I plodded out to the kitchen to start the coffee and pour the coffee cream (liqueur). I prepared for a day of feasting, drinking and making merry.  Our family did a “Secret Santa” for which we made stockings, Prince Charming can’t fit in one of those. My Uncle (who drew my name) jokingly teased that next year he would find me a musician or a firefighter –did I mention my uncle is in a pipe band and is a firefighter?  The poor guy feels he may need to start researching work resources for his poor, single niece LOL.

To get through this Christmas it was wonderful to do things that I normally don’t do.  One experience that we had was going to the old Maple Leaf Garden to take some younger cousins skating as a family outing. Now, this was an awesome family activity and such an awesome experience as I don’t even think I ever stepped foot in the Gardens before.  But admittedly it was a little heart wrenching; I watched couples with these tiny little beings on skates trying their best not to fall, laughing and smiling away. And for those that weren’t present with children, they were most likely holding hands with a significant other.  I smiled and watched my cousins (boys of 12 and 9) do their own thing and my sweet aunt and uncle whom have been together as long as I can remember hold hands and laugh while skating.  Inwardly I was wondering if I would ever have that partner to do such simple and enjoyable things with.  My Uncle noticed me just wander by myself and came to assist me in my skating (I haven’t been on ice in years and was a bit unsteady at first, we found a system of standing on my own two feet and being pushed worked quite nicely).  “You alright?  Having fun?” he asked.  “Oh yes, having fun.  Just sometimes hard to watch couples and families at times.  But I’m thankful to have such a great family around me.  Just wouldn’t mind my own, you know?”  I replied.  He looked at me sympathetically.. I don’t like that look from people.  I quickly followed up to explain that for this type of activity (ice skating) it’s really for the benefit of someone’s health and safety that I am single and unattached, if I were to hold hands with someone, I would fall, take them with me, and it would just end up being painful.  Being the ungraceful creature that I am, I would probably have my poor Prince Charming in a body cast after such an outing.  I survived the day only brandishing a bruised knee 🙂

Christmas went off without a hitch, yours truly stayed in good spirits, probably helped along by a  few spirits (haha).  I missed my father terribly, but he was with me in heart and memory.  I missed the idea of the life that my chameleon (see previous blog) promised me, but it was only the idea I missed, not him personally.  But I think what is important and got me through, is that I didn’t miss myself, Prince Charming wasn’t required.

I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas and wish you health and prosperity for the coming new year!

Still learning…


One comment on “Survived Christmas

  1. Tania Gurr says:

    Beautifully written.

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