“Well there’s no place like alone for the holidays….”


….Wait, that’s not how that song goes, is it???

It’s awfully cold around here lately and who put all of this white stuff here? Much like a child worried about Santa being able to find his way to their house on Christmas eve, I’m a little worried about Prince Charming finding his way to keep me warm this holiday season. His steed may have slipped and broken a leg with all of that ice out there! Prince Charming may not fit in my stocking! There are so many problems this holiday season… Never fear though! My Prince Charming will choose another mode of transportation (I’m banking on him being this smart), and as for fitting in a stocking, I have lots of ribbon to make a bow for the lad.. And mistletoe, I think I have that around here somewhere 🙂 But if he doesn’t show, I’ll just enjoy this hot mulled wine in front of my fire place, with my cat. No biggie.

It’s December now, and as far as I’m concerned this Christmas was supposed to be alot different. I was happily settled, and totally prepared to be abstaining from liquid cheer this holiday season (Mr. It’s Not You, It’s Me and I were planning on children, I think I neglected to mention that in my previous blog entry, more analysis on learning from that relationship later). This holiday season was to be all about dreaming of a future family, making plans, and awaiting the pitter-patter of tiny little feet. But alas, my Prince Charming was just some guy wrapped in tin foil, and here I am during this cheerful season of fun and family, single.

This is a challenging time of year to be single, isn’t it? You look around and relationships and families are everywhere, you can’t really avoid it unless you hole yourself up in your home and shut off televisions, radios, smart phones; well pretty much any form of communication or media. “Bah humbug!” I believe the expression is?

But, I love all of my friends, I have so many wonderful and fantastic friends, who very much understand the plight during the holiday season of a single person who is destined to have a family some day. I am surrounded with love and Christmas cheer, and invited to the homes of all of my wonderful, kind, loving, and caring friends…..Who have families…. And children… I will enjoy these visits; discussing Santa and appropriate behaviour with all of the little people in my life, I will watch Christmas movies, write letters to Santa, bake, decorate, and thoroughly and genuinely enjoy all of the children in my life (the brilliant offspring of close friends). But on the other side of the coin, and only natural as it can’t be helped, I will reflect on my singlehood and cry a little inside. Though, don’t get me wrong, I am honoured to be included. After all, I am getting alot of practice for when I do have a young family of my own, and this is a very important practice! 🙂

How am I beating the holiday blahs you ask? In short, wine…No, no, I’m kidding! Well… Half kidding, I’m half kidding.

Waitingonprincecharming1’s steps to beating the single blues during Christmas:
(for herself I might stress, I am not an advice blog, I am a personal reflection and opinion blogger, this is how I’m working through it)

Step 1. Wine.

Step 2. Whine.

Note: Steps one and two though sound the same are different, though step one may lead to step two. Both steps in moderation are healthy I believe, and I have benefitted totally from consuming a bottle of wine with close family member/friend and complaining about my single plight during this time of year. I got it out, I can move past it now.

Step 3. Get past steps one and two… okay, at least get past step two so it doesn’t repeat. It’s okay to feel a bit sad, I’m human, but I’m not going to live in sadness. There is so much more to appreciate during this special time of year. And quite frankly if I repeat steps one and two enough, people are going to find me a downer and not want to hang out with me any more lol.

Step 4. Surround myself with family and friends who love me. Sure, being around friends that have young families can cause that twinge of sadness. But, this practice does more good than harm. They chose to include me, I am special and valued to them, it’s more of a boost for me than anything 🙂

Step 5. Make those you care about happy. Gestures, visits, time, with loved ones, appreciate the people I have in my life and make sure they know I value them.

Step 6. Don’t stress about Prince Charming finding his way, poor bugger is probably stuck in a snow drift somewhere anyways.. Besides, I don’t have to share the mulled wine in front of my fireplace this way! Lol

Still learning….


4 comments on ““Well there’s no place like alone for the holidays….”

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  2. You are totally funny, I love your sense of humor! When I was single I used to dislike the holiday season, too, especially when I lived away from my family. However, I wouldn’t trade those single seasons for all the world – they allowed me to now really appreciate my husband. Also I hear from parents (we aren’t there yet) that when you have kids things can get really crazy, too. So there’s no rush…enjoy this time for it won’t last long. 🙂

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